“I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Apparently I have angered the gods in some way. The flow of our bad luck has not ceased. As I mentioned, the van appears to have suffered some malfunction with the alternator… causing the battery to not be charged as the car is driven. I have been charging the car from a power point in our house, to ensure that it is able to be driven to the mechanic when I can afford to do that. We are now using the smaller town car to get around. On Saturday, we rose early in order to drive down to look at a couple of new properties. Kitty decided she would drive, so she started the car and it sounded off. I asked her to pop the bonnet and I had a look underneath. I could see that the ignition cables had been chewed on, probably by rats. We were not going anywhere for a while. I called a couple of car part businesses, they could get the part, yet did not have it at the moment. One quoted 2 weeks and $140 for some ignition cables, the other had 2-3 days and $80 (plus $25 for express delivery). I went with the faster one, as they could deliver to my house.

Sorry for the iPod quality photo. You can see here the parts of the ignition cables that have been chewed.


Anyway, hopefully that is all of the bad news I will have for a while. Good news? I received my renewed firearms license. The firearms Tas staff were so helpful I could not fault them on their service. They were very proactive in contacting me and providing me with all the information I required. I have heard a lot of people complain about Firearms Tas at my local pistol club, yet my interactions with them have always been positive and helpful. Now that I have my license I can go and pick up my guns, which have been waiting at the New Norfolk gun shop. Once I have them back (should be soon after I get my cars fixed) I will be able to complete my 13 skill in Hunting, as I want to get some Wallaby meet to make some Biltong.

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