“If we took a holiday, Took some time to celebrate, Just one day out of life, It would be It would be so nice.” – Madonna

During the February bush fires we made a booking at a hotel in Nubeena, Tasmania.  We found emergency accommodation and when we cancelled the booking they offered to change the date to another time, which we used this weekend.  While in the area we checked out some of the ruins from the convict accommodation near the coal mine.

I don’t think the convicts really enjoyed these views as much as I.

Packing the van for the drive to Nubeena showed how preppared Kitty likes to be, in addition to a bag of clothes for each of us she packed a bag of towels and tea-towels.  Finally Kitty packed four boxes.  One with first aid supplies, one with cleaning products, and two with food.   We also ensured that all the devices, such as Nintendo DS, tablets and the camera were charged.  Kitty and I laughed when we noticed how prepping transferred to holidaying.

The hotel we were staying at was called the Parsons Bay Retreat and it is located in the town of Nubeena, Tasmania.  The hotel is actually a Permaculture school and community, calling this aspect of itself the Tasman Eco-Village.  The hotel surrounds were peaceful with beautiful landscapes and the beach within view of our window.  The kids enjoyed the heated indoor pool and I enjoyed spending some time in the sauna.

We were offered a guided tour of the facilities by Ilam, the owner of the retreat.  He explained that he set this up around 5 years ago and it is only now really finding itself.  He mentioned that he had met with Bill Mollison and David Holmgren around 20 years ago (they were the founders of Permaculture), so he appear to know his stuff.

Fantastic Gardens. Kitty and I were inspired.

The property is around 23 acres it runs workshops on various topics which preppers may find interesting.  It was so fortunate that we found this hotel, which was exactly the kind of place we needed to attend.  Next week they are running an introductory seminar on Earthships.

This is the Goat Pen. I am inspired to try my hand at making one now.
I was inspired to recreate this awesome goat pen.

Ilam showed us his large worm-farm, the compost areas that are growing potatoes and the goat pen.  We were also very impressed by their vegetable gardens which are still producing food (our gardens died from the frost several weeks ago).  The whole set up looks amazing and we came back inspired and ready to work on our property.  We will definitely consider going back for a holiday.

I asked specifically if I could see his compost. Nice to not be treated like a weirdo for being interested in compost.
I asked to see their compost and Ilam was happy to show me.


Another point of interest was Ilam’s hazelnut trees.  He showed us the three trees and explained that last year his hazelnut harvet was 4 nuts.  This year it was 400 (he assured us that he counted them).  This is very encouraging as we have three hazel nut trees and while they are small, I now can see that they will work out.

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