“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – John Irving

Now that the last few days have been rain free, we have been able to put the chicks outside.  I have placed them into our old Canary cage, which is pretty large.  They are able to scratch at the ground, and such, yet they don’t seem to be eating any of the grass.  I have been sprinkling some of the feed which I have been using into the grass, to encourage them to go looking for something to eat.

This has not been very successful, yet today they found a small worm.  For around 15 minutes the chicks chased the bird carrying the worm around the cage, like a crazy game of tag.  One bird would manage to steal the worm, and would then be set upon by the others.  At one point, I think the worm was broken in half, causing two chicks to be chased.


Our Cherry Plums and Cherries are ready for eating.  The trees are, while being severely decimated by the local birdlife, are still producing enough for our needs.  Currently, my daughter and I enjoy collecting them when I come home from work each day… it has become a little tradition of ours, to collect some while we chat about our days and eat as much as we like while we are there.

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