“If you can walk away from a landing, it’s a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it’s an outstanding landing.” – Chuck Yeager

I am not the best driver in the world… I am no Ayrton Senna.  I am also not the worst driver… yet I still find myself in stupid situations.  It could be because I drive so often, that I increase my chances of accidents.

Anyways, the other morning, on my way to work, I had a car accident.  No one was injured, my car was (mostly) undamaged, and I was able to continue driving.  Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash.

It was a wet morning, having rained the night before.  I had been driving to work, as I always do, and I was approaching a curve in the road.  I usually stop accelerating at a particular point of this road and coast, slowing down enough before I hit the curve so that I can turn safely.  As I started to turn, the back side of my car started to slide out to the left.  I started to break and the tires just skidded.  I had almost no traction on the back.

I turned to the right, to try to catch the tire grip, yet the car spun to the right.  A car was approaching in the opposite lane, so I had to stay to try to my lane the whole time.  As the seconds ticked by, this was becoming less of an issue, as I was still heading straight.  As my car swung out to the right, I noticed that I was now approaching a sign on the side of the road, and it was going to hit me right in the front (maybe damaging my engine).  I made a quick decision, and swung back to the left, so that I took it on my left side.  Next second, my left mirror gets hit by the sign and it is smashed off my car.  I saw it fly off and thought, “Well, that is going to be annoying to repair”.

As I hit the sign, I was now off the road and onto the grass.  Now I had some traction, and my brakes were starting to slow me down.  Yet I wasn’t slowing fast enough, as I was now headed right for a large ditch.  I started pushing so hard on the breaks that I was practically standing on them.  The car stopped just as it hit the lip of the ditch.  I sat there for a second, mentally checking myself for damage… yet I was fine.  The car that was coming towards me slowed down, I waved at him to let him know I was OK, so he drove off.


I got out of the car and checked the vehicle… apart from the mirror, and a large scratch on the left side where I hit the sign, everything seemed fine.  I picked up the mirror and looked at the sign.  It was very heavy and I couldn’t pick it up, so I left it there.  Back into the car, I tried to reverse, and the tires spin… I was stuck.  Now I regretted waving at the other driver and not asking for help (it was a large four wheel drive, so could possibly be very helpful).

I jumped out of the car, and checked the tires.  The rear ones were a little worn, yet not bald… the front tires were fine and new, yet the muddy ground was not letting me get any grip.  I jumped back in the car and started to try to work out what to do, then I looked at my side mirror (the right side) and a car was reversing up to me.  A guy jumped out and started to hook up a tow rope without a word.  I went to meet him and thanked him for his help.  His name was Scotty and he lived at the house next to where I was stopped.  As he set up the tow rope, he told me that people crash here every week, and someone died there earlier in the year.  He said that the ground seems to get oily, and cars loose it easily.  I helped as much as I could, yet he had everything in hand (he even said he would call the council to have someone fix the sign).  Around a minute later, I was towed back to the road, and (after thanking Scotty again) I was free to get going to work.


Apart from all that excitement, I have been busy getting little projects done on the property.   The first one finished is my water catchment.  I have modified some rain guttering so that the water runs into a barrel that I placed beneath.  This is only gathering rain from the Studio and part of my house, so I am surprised that after one night of rain, the barrel was almost over flowing!  I will consider buying a couple more barrels and adding them to the system.



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