“If you properly clean a room, it gets dirtier before it gets cleaner.” – Chris Rock

With the goal of selling our current home and moving, we all spent the weekend working on the home and garden (children were also helping.  This was easy to arrange when I offered them money to help).  We have completed the work required on the interior of the house, getting it to the standard which we would like people to see when they inspect the property.  Now the work outside is in our sights, this being:


Cleaning the windows;

Cleaning the gutters;


Mulching and tidying the garden; and,


Tidying the carport.


The windows and gutters are something which we normally do this time of year, so this is not something out of the ordinary.  The windows need to be re-stained due to some sills being a little discoloured due to the condensations over winter.  The panes need cleaning and dusted for cobwebs.  The gutters, obviously, need to be cleared of all debris they have accumulated over the winter to ensure that there is not hazard in the warmer months of high fire danger.




The garden is a huge job, considering that I am planting the things which I normally plant, yet also need to improve the look.  An example of this is in our courtyard.  We normally have four large apple boxes which we use as planters for apple trees and strawberries.  These need to be removed as they make the courtyard look smaller, and we want to take these apple trees with us.  In addition, the bottoms of the apple boxes are all rotted out, so I need to dig out about 1.5 cubic metres of soil and distribute this onto my garden beds, carefully remove the apples, re-pot them into large pots, and then cut up the apple boxes for use as kindling.  It took me three hours of digging yesterday to empty one apple box, and my bad back is not very happy about this. 



We are also tidying the carport, which for several years has been the repository of my trash… and by trash I mean “Broken things I will try to fix one day”.  After a couple of hours work it is looking almost respectable. 




I had been intending to butcher two of my rabbits this weekend, yet with all the work I had no time to do this.  I was intending to do this when I returned home from work tonight.  They are past the date I intended to butcher them, yet this is not a problem, it just means I have fed them longer than I needed (this is due to the principle of weight gain ratio, which is a method to work out the amount of feed required to grow a rabbit to the most profitable age of growth before the gains drop).  Once they have been dealt with I need to do some work on their hutch which has been a little damaged in the past few weeks.  Despite all this, when I went out to pick up the first rabbit I noticed that she did not seem to be herself… she was acting very slow and lethargic.  I am concerned that she is unwell, so I have allowed them a week or two for the rabbit to recover before they are ready for the table.

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