“If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them.” – Pietro Aretino

Two weeks ago I watched an amazing documentary called Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic.

It was such an amazing film, providing me with a large amount of information.  Stefan Sobkowiak, the creator of the film, shares his vast experience of creating a Permaculture Orchard in Quebec, Canada.  I watched this as part of my old Permaculture group, up in Collinsvale (before I moved).  Every one of us learnt something from this film.  If you are interested in seeing the great production that a Permaculture Orchard can produce, I would recommend this film.  Stefan shows various little tips that he has developed over the years, from weeding, planting seeds, guilds, pruning, and even ways to train your trees to promote the fruit trees to produce food.  There was much more interesting content than I have just listed.  The movie was also very well made, with beautiful visuals of his farm.  The film was around 2 hours long, and unlike many other Permaculture films, I did not feel sleepy once (I tend to struggle to watch Geoff Lawton’s films.  His New Age music puts me to sleep).  I would recommend this film to anyone.  If you are curious, you can check out a preview on Youtube.

Stefan Sobkowiak’s DVD


On Friday night the family and I went to the local Returned and Services League (RSL) club for dinner.   In case you don’t know, the RSL is an Australian Organisation which supports both serving and ex-service military.  My new neighbour advised me that this is what the people in Dover do each Friday, so off we went.  The food was as good as you expect from the RSL (which is good quality and inexpensive), I enjoyed a very nice Roast Lamb with roast vegegtables.  Yet the main reason we went was to meet some of the locals.  Being new in town, it is hard to meet people, so we take every chance we can to meet our neighbours.  Unfortunately, everyone there on the Friday was involved with a large Poker tornament, so I had little chance to break the ice with the locals.


We started our first, real, weekend at our new home by planting our first trees (after a big breakfast, obviously).  They are Ballerina Apple that we have looked after for the last two years.  We have only had a couple of apples from it, yet I suspect that is due to the poor location which we had chosen for the trees (inside large wooden apple boxes in our courtyard).  We have decided to plant these along the South Western edge of the property, near to the drive way.  Ballerina Apples grow very straight and not too tall (especially if I prune them).  I felt that we could use them in that location.  I learned in a recent podcast by Jack Spirko, of the Survival Podcast, that some fruit trees can be Patented, and some are even Registered.  Ballerina apparently have been registered, which means that if I wanted to make cuttings from the tree to propagate, I could not call it Ballerina without breaching their registration (not that I have any plans to do this).


It was a bit of a slow start, with all the unpacking that we have to do before the house looks more like a home.  Despite this, every day, as I drive the hour it takes me to get home from work… I am very happy to be living in this house.

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