“If your parents didn’t have any children, there’s a good chance that you won’t have any.” – Clarence Day

The weekend I attended the Small Farm Expo in Huonville.  I know a lot of you are not from here, so you could not attend.

Held on the Huonville Showgrounds… not as big as the Huonville Show

It was a nice little expo, with demonstrations from the Huon Producers Network, some Guest Speakers (I didn’t attend these, yet the one I checked out seemed to be about wine production), and lots of interesting displays.  There were lots of great looking animals to check out, producers selling their wares, and I even got to witness a display of someone cutting grass with a Scythe.

I chatted to the people at the Sprout Stall.  They were very interested in talking to me about my rabbit production and they told me that they could easily put me into contact with restaurants and butchers who wanted to do business with me.  That sounded very good to my ears, as I have been dragging my feet on getting my rabbit production up (not buying a male rabbit, not building another hutch, etc).  I will have to do this soon.


I hope that they have another one next year, as I am sure it will be even better.  Who knows, I might have my own stall!

I also had an interesting find on the weekend.  The other day, I was resting at home and my kids wanted me to take them to the park.  I am still trying to rest after my sprained ankle, yet I wanted the kids to burn off some energy, so also walked to the local park to watch them play on the playground.  My youngest son was playing under some trees, exploring and having a good time.  After a while he walked over to me and he brought be an acorn, telling me that there were hundreds under the trees.  I walked over to have a look and he was wrong… there was actually thousands of acorns!  Three or four fully grown oak trees were growing, and the ground was thick with the acorns.  We collected a few plastic bags full, as my Rabbit loves to eat these and I was pretty happy with myself.  After a little while of collecting I found a chestnut on the ground.  Then another, and then I realised that as well as the Oaks, there was a fully grown chest tree.  I don’t think I have seen one of these fully grown, so you can understand my failure to notice it.  Well, we collected about two kilos of them, with the intention of roasting them.  I must remember to keep a few and plant them too… I already have a couple of Chestnut trees that I planted last year, yet it can’t hurt to plant a couple more.

A large bowl of raw Chestnuts


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