“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.” – John Wooden

After a week… nothing has sprouted.

It has been almost 10 days since I started my little experiment in growing beans with a variety of liquids.  I am sad to say that it appears that none of the beans have sprouted.  I am not sure why this has happened… it could be related to the bean seeds, they were on the cusp of expiring.  It could be that the mini greenhouse was extra hot on the days that I tried, and therefore they didn’t sprout (this seems most likely… the other seeds I planted in other pots didn’t sprout).  Or it could be something that I don’t understand.  This is a little disappointing.  I will have to re-examine the process, maybe get some fresher seeds, and try again.  Finding out if Seasol is the best liquid to give a new plant is important to me.

If I find that making my own Seaweed liquid is much better for the plants, then I can keep doing that, rather than spending money on other products.

I should say that I while I considered this experiment over, I was going to keep watering the seeds to see if I can get anything from them.  This idea is now totally scrapped as, during an exceptional amount of wind that is blowing today, the mini-greenhouse has been blown over.

The wind messed everything up.

I have also had some bad luck with my seedlings in my large greenhouse.  They have been growing very well.  Each punnet was showing great progress, with seeds bursting from the soil everywhere.  Recently I have noticed that every day, more and more of the seedlings are disappearing.  I have noticed that the leaves go first, then the next day the stem goes.  Before then, I noticed that there were silver trails soil.  I suspect Slugs or Snails.  I have surrounded the remaining seedlings with crushed eggshell, yet the losses keep occurring.  I will try out a Garlic Spray, to cover the seedlings I have left, in order to keep them alive long enough to be planted.


Callington Mill

On the weekend we took the three hour drive up north to meet someone who breeds Dalmatians.  This is the breed of dog we are hoping to buy, and we found out someone who shows them.  This person is a reader of my blog, so I was also interested to see her property and meet someone who has similar interests to me.  The drive was OK on the way there… Kitty drove up, so I enjoyed looking at the countryside and the many wonderful landmarks on the way.  There were so many historic buildings, some of them only ruins.  The whole landscape was brown, the only areas that were lush and green were those that people were cultivating.  We stopped off at the historic town of Oatlands, which houses a huge amount of convict built sandstone buildings.  One of the places of great interest was the Callington Mill, which was built in 1837.  Some of the original homes still stand, and it was great to see such cosy rooms.  As they are sandstone, they were quiet mild inside, and I am sure that the fireplace within would have made the winters much easier to tolerate.  My children were shocked that people could live in a room smaller than their bedrooms.

A cosy little home

We met the owners of Errol, the Dalmatian that we want to buy.  They had a dozen dogs who were so friendly and welcoming.  It was great to see so many dogs, and we spent almost an hour just patting them and getting to know each one.  We had the opportunity to meet Errol, who seems like a great little guy… so quiet and friendly.  He looks like he would flourish in our family and I can’t wait till I can bring him home.

Errol being shown at a dog show

There was another dog that we were considering, named Raffa.  He was a very handsome boy, so fun loving and full of energy.  He reminded me a lot of my dog Morleigh.  Kitty and I have been discussing whether we can take both Errol and Raffa, yet Kitty and I have agreed that Raffa would be too much.  While he was an awesome dog, he seemed like he would totally destroy my garden (my youngest son kept giving Raffa garden stakes, which the dog would crew into toothpicks.

Raffa chewing on a bone

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