“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” – William Blake

We have been working hard on preparing the house for the move.  One of my duties is to dismantle our tin garden beds, we have 6 that I still have to pull apart.  I thought I might be able to just pull them up from the ground, yet wet soil is much heavier then would be expected.

You can see two of the metal garden beds here. The one in the foreground was my bean and pea bed.


While I was clearing out the garden beds I took the opportunity to harvest the Broad bean and Snow Pea seeds that I allowed to dry on the vines.  Harvesting these seeds is much easier than other types of seeds, as the seeds are kept safe in their pods.  This will give you the option of just leaving them on the vine and allowing the pods to dry out (thereby drying the seeds too). Alternatively, I could have collected the bean and pea pods, hung them in a dry environment, and collected the seeds sooner.

I find this method a little too much work.  Leaving them on the vie is much better as it takes less effort and allows me to dig the vines into the ground… returning valuable nitrogen back to the soil for next season.

A close look at the Pea and Bean seeds I was collecting from the garden.


I would have liked to harvest seeds from the excellent tasting broccoli I produced this year, yet as my Geese decided that they wanted to eat the plants, I never had a chance to let them go to seed.  With the reduction in the number of Geese I will be keeping (from 4 to zero), I expect that I shouldn’t have the problem next season.

Some of the damage that was done to the Broccoli and other plants by the Geese.


Finally, with my collection of some great seeds, I have completed my 13 skill in Seed collection.  I hope to make my goals much more challenging next year.



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