“If you snooze, you lose” – Phyllis George – Little Tassie Prepper

“If you snooze, you lose” – Phyllis George

Things are not looking to bright with the property we were seeking to buy.  It seems that someone else is about to put an offer up for it, and we have not sorted our finances out yet (another reason to be financially prepared).  This is a little depressing, yet Kitty and I are still keen to get our house in order, on the market, and look towards a more suitable home.


The hides which I had been preserving with the Kerosene and Bi-carb soda method are now at the stage for working the oil into the hide.  I am very happy with the results so far… the hides are showing to be more pliable and less paper like than hides which I have not treated in this manner. When I rubbed oil into the skin I have noticed that they feel much softer (obviously).  So I will work the oil into them and then go through the next step.

I have done some additional research into this method and I have read a lot of negative comments on forums about this, yet I still intend to continue with this.  It is only a couple of my Rabbit skins, of which I have many… so the loss of them will not be the end of the world.

One location I found has provided me with some additional information on this method.  It is located at the free library.


The hide on the left has had only a little treatment, the top and right one have full treatment and oil.


I have been waiting for my geese to lay some eggs…. Nothing yet, and I know that at least one of them is a female.  I am starting to lose hope that they will produce any young this year.  I have talked to them, and told them that if they do not produce, they become produce.  I don’t think they believe me, as one of them tried to attack me shortly after this.  Two of the geese were fighting, and I pulled them apart.  One of them bit me on the leg, so it will be the first of the three into the pot.




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