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Have you found inspiration from the work I have done?

I mentioned in my post called Easy method to making your own Jerky or Biltong, that I have recently submitted a new Instructable on how to may Biltong.  I have also entered it into a competition on snacks..  I really hope that you all will go and check it out and… should you think it good enough, vote for my entry.

This has inspired to run my own competition, with a small prize from Instructables.


I wanted to ask all you, my loyal readers, has my site has inspired you to change your life in some way? It would be great to know and I think that this could be the competition.  I would like you to email me pictures, or a video, and a description of what you have done.  I am looking for something like the following:

  • Have you built something that has helped you on your path towards being prepared?
  • Have you started to learn a skill, of the prepper/self sufficiency type, that you can tell me about?
  • If you are new to prepping, have you started to plan to make your life better?

I would like anyone interested in submitting an entry to the competition to send an email to


I will look at the entries and decide who has won.  I will also be putting any of the entries which are especially inspiring on this site, which I hope will inspire more of you.

The prize will be a three month premium subscription to the Instructable website.  Premium subscriptions give you the following bonuses.

  • eBook Downloads
  • PDF Downloads
  • Partner Discounts
  • Less Advertising
  • All Steps Viewing
  • Private Instructables

Competition closes on the last day of June 2017.

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