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Plans for the garden in the winter

We are only days away from the official start of winter and it is really starting to get cold.  I have had several mornings where I have had to scrape the ice from my windscreen before I can drive to work.  I have pretty much finished harvesting everything  have been growing over the year.  The only produce that is starting to come up is the Silver Beet which was planted when my last batch went to seed.

My larger garden. You can see that I have been laying down some old carpet to cover the ground.

A lot of the work in the garden has consisted of prevention of growth to make it easier in the spring (if I prevent weed growth now it will make it easier to plant later).  One task which I can do over the winter is work on my compost.  The lower temperatures shouldn’t hamper my compost creation as the bacterial breakdown of the organic matter creates it’s own heat.  I will definately be needing a large amount of compost when the seasons change and I can start growing tomatoes again.

Speaking of Tomatoes, the plants I grew in my last compost pile produced lots of amazingly good tomatoes.   I mentioned when I planted them that a friend of mine had recommended the compost would be the best medium to grow, as he had great success with the method.  I found that the plants grew faster in the compost then the other tomatoes that were planted in the ground and in garden beds.  The only thing which prevented me having more tomatoes then I could deal with was the planting density, which (I now admit) was a little too high.  They blocked out some of the light for each other.  So next spring I will be a little less aggressive in my planting.


The Tomatillos also grew extremely well, yet they didn’t ripen before the frosts arrived.  I will keep my eyes on them and see if they ripen over the winter.

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