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Another look at Tassie Little Prepper’s Library

Here a couple more reviews on some of the books from my library.  These are two books which I do recommend that you consider if you are interested in the subjects.

As before, I have provided links to my Amazon affilate account.  If you do purchase a book using the link then I will receive a percentage of the purchase price and it won’t cost you any more than if you didn’t use my link.


Handy Farm and Home Devices and How to Make Them

I came across this book purely by chance, scanning second hand books at a garage sale.  Upon opening to a random page I was instantly captivated.  This book is almost overflowing with the most marvelous ideas for making like easier.  It appears to have been compiled from magazine articles written shortly after World War 2, as some pages contain ads which discuss Australia’s role in the war. 

The projects described within use supplies which would have been common in that period, yet it is still applicable to today.  Sections of the book discuss farm animal care, how to make useful garden tools from odds and ends, building water tanks and plumbing, as well as instructions on how to make your own door hinges (which I find amazing).  There are articles on everything someone who owns a farm could use… especially if they are interested in reusing and rebuilding.

While the information can be sparce in sections, it is still able to provide a step to making the reader realise that inovation is within your grasp.

There is so much information in this book that it is almost overwhelming. I recommend this book to anyone interested in farming on the cheap.





Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs: Care, Facilities, Management, Breeds


This was the book I bought a couple of weeks before I became the owner of two pigs, although I didn’t start reading it till I was about to go pick up the animals.  It taught me everything I needed to know to look after my new piglets.  Within a couple of hours of reading I learned the basics of pig ownership and how to look after my new animals.  This gave me a great foundation on which I could rely, learning the rest as I got to know my new pets.

Like other Storey books, it covers medical needs, housing, butchering and pretty much everything you need to know to raise pigs.  If you are ever thinking about one day getting a pig or two, I would recommend that you read this book.


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