Have you ever wondered what an Irish Wolf hound crossed with a Irish red and white setter would look like? – Little Tassie Prepper

Have you ever wondered what an Irish Wolf hound crossed with a Irish red and white setter would look like?

We have another new arrival at the Little Tassie Prepper homestead.  This weekend we took ownership of a beautiful 12 week old puppy, who is named Orlaith (pronounced Orla.  It is an Irish name).  She is a cross (mix) between an Irish Wolf Hound and a Red/White Irish Setter.

Orlaith wouldn’t get off my lap after I carried her into the house. When I tried to put her on the ground she actually held on to my arm with her paws.

As I understand it, the breeder usually specialises in Irish Wolf Hound and Red/White Irish setters.  Somehow the male Irish wolf hound managed to breed with the Red/white Irish setter.  Orlaith is one of the happy accidents from that meeting.  I actually found her and her siblings listed on Gumtree.  The owner had both black and brindle coloured pups.  As soon as I saw the picture of Orlaigh I knew that she was the perfect dog for me… she had a look in her eyes that really connected with me.  Kitty began discussions with the owner (Belinda) to find out more information and before too long we had decided that we would buy Orlaith from her.  Then, we encountered an issue.


My van, which Kitty usually uses, had a problem and would require some urgent maintenance.  The money which we had thought could be for buying Orlaith was now to be used for the car.  With a great deal of regret, Kitty contacted Belinda and told her that we could not take Orlaith.  She apologised and told her that while we wanted her, we had to focus on the repair work.  It was a sad couple of days after that email, until Belinda contacted Kitty.  She told Kitty that she always gives one of the pups from her litters to someone as a gift.  She usually gives one to family or friends, yet as she could tell we really wanted Orlaith she decided she would give her to us for free.  We couldn’t believe it at first.  It today’s world, this doesn’t usually happen.  Yet here was proof that the world was not as cold and callous as we had thought.  Someone was willing to give something away as a gift.  We of course accepted and Belinda even drove for nearly 2 hours to deliver to us.

When we met Belinda we were so greatful to her for bringing us such a beautiful little girl, yet as the sun had set by the time we met, we had to get going home.  We took Orlaith from her (the poor little pup had thrown up all over herself and had little energy due to car sickness), thanked her again, and drove home.  When we came home it was night time, and Orlaith was very frightened.  When I carried her into the house I was unable to put her on the ground for a long time, as she would always hold on to my with her paws.


When I finally got her on the ground, she crawled under the lounge and refused to come out for the entire night!  We actually brought water to her to make sure she had enough fluids.  It wasn’t until the next morning that we coaxed her out by making a trail of dog biscuits for her to follow.

Since then we have made great progress with her.  She has accepted her big brother Errol as a role model, and he is doing great work in showing her how to behave.  We are working hard on toilet training her, and despite some mistakes she is learning very quickly.  She has also really bonded with me, which really makes me happy.  Since my old girl Morleigh died last year, I have really missed having a dog connect to me.  Errol is Kitty’s dog, so with Orla being mine I feel a lot more whole.

There is very little in this world as special as the love of a dog.

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