Protecting our egg production can be difficult with Orlaith. – Little Tassie Prepper

Protecting our egg production can be difficult with Orlaith.

So my new dog, Orlaith, has found that she has a fondness for raw chicken eggs.  While this might sound cute, it isn’t.  Orlaith is seeking out the freshly laid eggs and usually taking them away to eat (shell and all).  Kitty has intercepted her a few times while I was at work, and taken them from her, yet now Orlaith is really getting sneaky.  The eggs are pretty important to our homestead.  They provide us with a great source of healthy food, as well as giving me the ability to sell any excess to counteract the cost of their feed.

She has found sections of the chicken pen that she has been able to push under the wire.  I admit that I wasn’t that stressed when I put the fence in, so it wasn’t perfect.  When I found out about Orlaith’s ability to get to the chicken’s eggs, I spent a few hours on the weekend adding sections to the wire and staking it down with some garden stakes.  This worked a treat, and now Orlaith can’t climb under the fence…. She can, however, jump over it with no problems.  So now I have to sort that out too, yet I will leave it for another weekend.


Now that we know she can jump the fence, Kitty has asked me to set up an electric fence along the back fence line to prevent any attempts at Orlaith leaping over that.  She has already shown an interest in my neighbour’s sheep, so I don’t want her to get close to them.  I feel that it might also be a good way for me to prevent the possums that have been getting into my garden and eating my broccoli.  So in addition to fixing the chicken fence I installed some plastic brackets to hold an electric fence line.

I hope, if she does try to touch the line, it doesn’t hurt her too much.  I don’t want to hurt her, just stop her from getting out and doing dangerous things.  I will install the electric line this weekend, and maybe put some instructions for anyone interested in doing this themselves.


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