Information on hunting wallabies is hard to find.

I currently have a permit from the Tassie government, which allows me to hunt Wallabies on State forest land (within certain daylight hours).  I have been looking into going hunting with more experienced people, yet I have had no luck.  The people I mentioned in my old post have lost access to the land where they hunted… so now they are looking for land too.

I have no real experience hunting.  I haver hunted goats, yet that was fairly easy as I knew where they were located.  Wallabies are another story.  I have looked into them and they are nocturnal animals.   The problem is, my permit only allows me to hunt them between one hour before Sunrise and one hour after sunset.  During his period, they are usually resting in the shade of a tree and therefore much harder to locate.

I have scoured the internet, trying to find information on hunting them, yet there is nothing of any use.  Some You-tube videos of people shooting, yet no context as to how they found the wallaby.  I have asked people, and everyone is tight lipped on the process, not wanting to share the locations they use.

After a long search, I found out some interesting tips for Hunting Wallaby on a NZ website.  It appears that some Wallaby have been introduced to New Zealand and they are hunted there.

The below information is some of the more helpful advice which I have not found elsewhere.

  • Nocturnal and start feeding early to late evening.
  • Stake out likely feeding areas from early evening through to darkness.
  • Fast and elusive movement when disturbed.
  • Rather than trying to stalk in close proximity stake out an area and shoot from observation point at stationary animals.
  • Wallaby sign includes scratching (digging up plant roots) tracking, browsed grass or shrubs and droppings.
  • Presence of fresh sign indicator of wallaby nearby and need for extra care.
  • Wallabies use well defined tracks to access feeding areas.


Bennett’s wallaby

  • Found on tussock/pasture hill country with scrub in gullies and faces.
  • Sit back and observe likely feeding areas. Good pair of binoculars an advantage.


While this is very useful, most of it was known to me from reading about Wallabies.  I knew they were nocturnal, and you could find signs of their presence.  I have been spending some of my spare time roaming the state forest, looking for any signs or locations which I feel would be good places for Wallabies. I have found some locations that have shown signs of disturbance… I suspect it is a small wallaby, or perhaps a Devil.  The mention in the above table that Bennett’s Wallaby prefer pasture is new to me, and is something which will help me determine a good hunting location.

I will need to keep talking to people.  I am sure that there is a farmer around here who would be welcoming of me hunting on his land, or someone will take me along when they go hunting.  I really want to get access to some Wallaby meat for family meals and biltong making.

Hopefully I will have an update soon on this.

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