Interpretation of changes to the Tasmanian Firearms Laws

Recent changes to the Tasmanian firearms laws recently came to my attention when I received a letter (as all firearms owners would have) from Firearms Tas.  Apparently a modification of the laws occurred in May 2017, impacting on the owners of Category H (pistols) and people owning over 10 firearms.  The law relates to how these items are stored.

In addition to the particular container that has to be used (changes on this occurred back in November 2016), the changes in the legislation address that you will need to place a form of electronic security device on the receptacle.

The old Glenorchy firearms range

When I read the changes I was very shocked and concerned.  At a cursory read I realised that I would have to get expensive surveillance equipment.  I actually spent several hours thinking about what I was going to do until I re-read the legislation and realised what it means.

The changes state you need an “alarm or a visual recording device”.  The alarm doesn’t have to be expensive.  The law is that if you use “an alarm, [it] must be either audible or monitored.”  So basically, you just need something which will activate a loud sound when the door is opened… something like this should work.


I am fairly confident that I have interpreted this legislation correctly as I am well versed in understanding laws.  I do intend to follow up with an email to the Tas Firearms to ask if I have understood the changes and I will be sure to post that here when I have the information.

If this affects you, or you are just curious, check the below post from Tasmania Police.


These changes come into effect on 4 December 2017, so there is a little time to sort this out.



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