Is it time to revisit my get home bag?

On the weekend, I had to do some work with my car, so I removed my get home bag (GHB) from my car boot.  I was a little shocked at the weight, which felt much heavier than I remembered.  A lot heavier… so heavy I decided not to even weigh it incase I broke the scales.  I considered this and I think that I need to shed some items to make it easier to walk home.

This, in turn, has pushed me to consider something that Dave Canterbury has talked about in his videos.  If you don’t know, Dave Canterbury is an amazingly experienced and knowledgeable teacher.  I have been following him for several years and he teaches a system called the 10 Cs of Survival.  Check out his videos if you would like to learn more.


Self Reliance outfitters, Dave’s school, sells a great looking bag called the Basic Survival Pack by The Pathfinder School.

This pack includes the following items.


  1. Tan Pathfinder Self Reliance Pack
  2. ½” x 6” Ferro Rod
  3. Mini Inferno (actual tin container may vary)
  4. Mora Bushcraft Black
  5. Pathfinder 32oz Bottle & Cup Set GEN3
  6. Stainless Steel Bottle Stove
  7. 1lb. Roll of #36 Bankline
  8. (3) Orange Cotton Bandannas
  9. Princeton Tec Black EOS Headlamp
  10. #14 Sail Needle
  11. Suunto MC-2 Compass
  12. 35 yard of Gorilla Tape
  13. Orange All Weather Blanket
  14. (3) 55 Gallon Drum Liners
  15. 30L Dry bag
  16. 4 pk Tent Stakes
  17. Pathfinder All-Weather Notebook

From following Dave over the last year or two, I believe the pack is missing a few items, such as a hatchet or small axe, a folding saw, and I think for my uses it is also missing a good sleeping system, such as the inclusion of a sleeping bag and tarp or hammock.

The kit that Dave sells is expensive (currently at $295 USD, on special from $424) and I am sure you could put it together for much less money.  Yet it only weighs 11lbs. so it is very light compared to my current pack.

Also missing (in my opinion… for my purposes)) is source of rations or food.  I am not sure how much mine currently weighs (I would guess around 4kgs) yet I could easily reduce that with the substitution of some dehydrated meals.

While I think that David’s bag is amazing, I don’t have the experience (yet) to use it.  The idea of the bag is that you can make everything you need to survive with this kit.  You can produce food, water, shelter and warmth.  While the kit would be great for some people, it won’t do for me.  I have to move quickly and get home.  Spending time setting traps and building a shelter every day would add days to my travel time.

Still, it is an attractive kit and I like his ideas.  I will consider whether I can implement any of the concepts into my GHB.  So check back in the future to see if I have come up with any solutions.

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