“It is easier to criticize than to correct our past errors.” – Livy


I am sure you may recall my last posting, where I extolled the virtue of the mother goose at protecting her young brood.  Well I was incorrect about this.  The day after I posted that, I realised that one of the baby geese were missing.  Today I noticed another was gone. I searched the area and I could find no sign of the young or any evidence that they had died.  I suspect that crows took the babies while the parents were otherwise preoccupied.  This is very disappointing and usually I would take the babies from their parents and raise them in a special area.  I would do this as there is obviously a problem and I would need to step in to protect our investment of time in the animals (we intend to use the Geese for meat, so it is important to us that they pull their weight and produce for us).  As we are hoping to sell our home I don’t have the time to raise these goslings under a heat lamp, and I don’t have the space either.  Due to this I will allow them to take a chance with their survival.  Kitty and I have decided that once the last Gosling is taken it will be time for the geese to graduate to the dinner table.  They are not providing a very good investment for the amount of time I have put into them.

One down, one to go.

I took a little time today to work in the garden, so that I could keep an eye on the geese to see if I could spot any crows hanging around.  While in the garden I noticed that my bean and pea plants were almost bursting out of the mini poly tunnels I had them growing within.  I came up with a solution which will protect them from the geese and chickens, while still allowing sunlight and water to reach them.  I built a temporary structure from a roll of frost covering, some staples, and some wooden posts which I drove into the ground and wired together.  I feel it should withstand most weather, allowing the plants to grow without interruption.


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