“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” – Julius Caesar

George after some training

First off, there is a graphic image below.  If you are squeamish than please do not scroll down.


Sitting in the Emergency room of Hobart hospital on a Friday night is not something I would recommend to anyone.  A few hours ago I was bitten badly on my hand by my pup George.   He was lying on the floor of the lounge room and was chewing on something.  I thought it might be one of the kids toys so I tried to get him to open his mouth.  I had done this before when he chewed on the kids toys so I was quite surprised when he bit me on the hand.  I reacted by attempting to give him a him on the back of his head and he bit me again.  After this I decided to remove him from the house as I could not have him near my children.  A short chase later he was put outside to the sun-room.  It was then that I noticed that I was bleeding.  The bite he gave me earlier had gone deeper than I felt, it now looked like he had punctured my hand quite deeply.  I ran it under some cold water so that Kitty and I could evaluate the damage.  Despite my reluctance I had to agree with Kitty that I would need to attend Emergency.  I had my hand bandaged and I drove in to the city.

An hour later I was waiting at the emergency department of Hobart Hospital with around 30 other people.  I sat and read while I waited and an hour after arriving I was taken through to the treatment area. This was were the real wait began, as an hour and a half went by before I was seen to by a doctor (which is very quick in my experience).  While I waited I was entertained by overhearing the tales of two other people seeking “urgent” assistance.  The first man described his problems to the treating doctor.  He had apparently been feeling unwell and dizzy for the last week.  On Friday he decided to go fishing on a boat and he fainted.  Now he was in emergency.  The doctor spent an hour attempting to deduce his ailment, before calling for a more experienced doctor.  He checked the patient and diagnosed a middle ear infection.  The next thirty minutes I was witness to the older doctor showing the younger doctor the podcast he listens to that helped him make the diagnosis.

Sorry for the graphic image – this is what I look like on the inside.

During this I over-heard the young man on my left.  He was in emergency because he had lost his prescription.  A nurse was checking on him as he had been complaining that he couldn’t feel his arms.  Apparently, five days ago, he left his prescription in his work car that had been driven to Devonport.  He waited five days with out medication till the car came back today.  The prescription, he lamented, was not in he car.  So he decided to go to emergency on a Friday night for help.

So… We have a man in emergency with a middle ear infection and a man who needs a new prescription.  Both these “emergencies” were not real emergencies.  I would propose that they were actually clogging an already full system with useless complaints.  Why would a grown man, suffering for a week with dizziness and sickness go fishing?  I would like to endorse the treating doctor who advised him that being on a boat was the WORST place he could be.  Then we have another grown man who waits till a Friday night, five days after his prescription ran, out to get another one?  I don’t believe that either of these situations were emergencies.

Anyway, back to my hand.  My doctor cleaned out he wound (not a fun time for either of us) and cleaned the wound before bandaging me up.  She told me that it was good that I came in and had this done as it could easily get infected.  After this I was sent on my way.

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  1. Just a thought about the dog, I had a dog who tried the same stunt; however, I got trained by dog search and rescue volunteers. The first time, I stepped in so my foot was in front of his back feet and dumped my German shepherd hard onto his back and pinned him by his ears. I didn’t pull or hurt his ears: I just had one hand on each ear. I said in a very low tone dirty harry voice, with my teeth snarling,an extremely loud ! NO. I did this when he tried to attack another dog by growling. The second time, I did it when he attacked me. When he went for me and bit my hand, I ripped him out of the car crate and threw him to the ground, pinned his ears and told him NO. That is last time we EVER had any problems with him. If you assert your authority as pack leader, he will not wish to challenge you. If you allow him to continue, he can get worse.

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