“It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.” – Voltaire

It has been a little like Valentine’s Day her at the Little Tassie Prepper Homestead, with my chickens and rabbits trying to make babies (not with each other though… that would be weird).

I have kept our Rooster away from our Hens for a while now, waiting till I had an incubator to house the eggs.  This weekend I decided that I would put them together to see how they worked out.  As you can see from the video, it went quite well.  The hens were not perturbed by the Rooster, as you can see they didn’t really stop eating (although I doubt that they like him).  The Rooster put on a bit of a show, and acted a little weird, yet who could blame him.  I recall when I was young… meeting some pretty, young, girls for the first time.  I remember many an occasion where I acted quite the fool.

The day after I placed him in with the girls, he started to mate with them… so I will have to sort out my incubator issue soon.



Rodger, our little male Rabbit, has finally become a Man.. or a Buck… whatever.  He has mated with our female Rabbit, Ginger.  I have been waiting till he was old, and large enough, to mate with her.  She is a large girl, and he (being young) has been too small to stand up to her.  Rabbits are interesting in the way they mate, although it isn’t like I am an expert on animal mating, so perhaps they are typical.  The point I am trying to make is that my rabbits mated, so it shouldn’t be too long till we have some baby rabbits at the homestead.

To accomplish this I placed Rodger into a larger pen (the one which my Rooster has been living in, although he wasn’t there when this happened) and allowed him to run around. I then grabbed Ginger and dropped her in with him.  Immediately he was on to her, and she was interested.  They mated, taking around 3 seconds to complete, then her fell off her.  She ran away from him, he pursued, and she smacked him in the head a couple of times.  It seems that the female rabbits do  not like to cuddle.  Every time he managed to catch up with her, she would lay on her side, which seemed to make it impossible for him to mate with her.

After two minutes of his pursuit and her fleeing, she allowed him to mate with her again.  From this point on, she was not interested in him at all.  Every time he approached her she would smack him in the head, growl, and hide in the corner.  For Rodger, his big day was over.  Rodger started to exhibit different behaviour after this, he started stamping his feed into the ground (which apparently can mean he is frustrated, or that he is seeking attention), and he appeared to stand a little taller.  I believe that Rodger now sees himself as an adult Rabbit.

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