It may be time to diversify my interests.

My Rooster, Reggie, has been causing a little bit of a problem lately.  He is a great Rooster, and does his best to protect the flock… the only issue is his crowing.  He crows at various times throughout the night and day.  This isn’t really a serious issue.  We live in the country and he isn’t located close to anyone’s house.  His crowing does make me feel a little embarrassed when I wake up at 5am and he is making noises, yet to be honest I don’t really hear him.

The other day, my neighbour approached Kitty to explain that she hasn’t been sleeping due to the amount of crowing from Reggie.  To be honest… I don’t believe that the Rooster is keeping her awake.  We live near a busy road and if the loud trucks at 3am don’t wake her, I doubt the Rooster would do anything.  Despite this, I am considering getting rid of Reggie.  I do not intend to kill him, I am thinking of giving him away to live with other chickens.

Loosing Reggie will put a serious problem in my side hustle of hatching and selling chicks.  Without Reggie I won’t have fertile eggs to incubate.  I have decided that I will hatch a couple more dozen eggs, and keep the hens for egg production (I can easily sell them).  This will mean that, in around 6 months I won’t have any more chickens to raise and eat.  I need to therefore consider an alternative.

Which is why I am looking into quail.

Quail is something I have been considering for around 10 years.  Kitty was interested in our trying to raise them back then, yet at the time I had Rabbits, chickens, Geese, ducks and pigs… I was already way too invested in all that and I didn’t have time to spare.  With the reduction of the time I will need to spend with the chickens, I think it is time to get into Quail.


I still have a lot to learn before I purchase my first breeding flock (I have plenty of books on the topic), yet I have already started setting up some spaces for them.  I have an old cage which we used to use when we kept canaries.  I also picked up a great little box for $10 from the pet store.  I hope I can use it to keep my breeding quail.

What will I do with my quail?  Well, I mostly intend to use them as a source of meat.  Apparently, they breed rapidly and grow to full grown quickly.  They also produce eggs, and I am sure I could both use them, and sell them.  Finally, it would be fun to have the little birds on the property.

Hopefully I will have some news soon on the progress to owning some Cortunix Quail.




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