“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

I wanted to talk about the market that we attended last week.  Kitty had a stall there, like she did last year, yet we were located in a different position and she was selling different wares.  Last year, Kitty was selling clothes, bags of lollies, Gingerbread biscuits, and a “lucky dip”.

This year we reduced the items for sale a little, to Bags of Lollies (packed in special Christmas bags and boxes… they looked very nice in my opinion), Kitty’s clothes, and my youngest son took a couple of boxes of Pokemon cards to sell (He made quite a bit of money which, considering I bought the Pokemon cards, was great for him).


We learnt many things from last year’s market and tried to put them into effect for this year.

  • We didn’t have highly perishable food items
  • Kitty didn’t make/sell any Gingerbread biscuits
  • We stayed around so that we were one of the last stalls to pack up.


These helped us and I feel that staying around was a good idea, as well as not having highly perishable items for sale… yet we also made some errors.

We didn’t get a great position.  Last year we had a great spot in the middle of the market.  Everyone came by the stall and we had a lot of business.  This year we grabbed a spot on the outskirts… which initially seemed great, yet it turned out that we had very few traffic.  With reduce traffic we had less sales.  Next year we need to sort this out and find the ideal position.

Kitty didn’t make any gingerbread biscuits this year… I think we should have done this as we may have made more money from their sales.

I took my three rabbits along to sell.  This was a bit of a mistake.  I had a lot of interest, many people came by to pat them and talk to me about how much they loved Rabbits, yet no one bought any of them.  I feel that Rabbits are not really a thing most people would buy on impulse at a market.  People need to prepare for owning a Rabbit, they don’t seem to buy them without thought.  I think if I had some cards to hand out, I may have made some after market sales,  yet I did not have any prepared.  In addition, I feel that if I had some hutches or cages for sale, I may have been able to sell a couple, yet I didn’t have any of these.  I will have to reconsider the best way to approach this for the next market.

I did have many people asking if I had any chickens or chicks for sale…. They would have been a much better animal to sell at the market.  I will prepare next time and have chickens and chicks prepared to sell.  This shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.



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