“It’s rare when you have everything going perfectly all at the same time.” – Sigourney Weaver


Not too bad for my first time putting up tiles

I have completed my work on the Studio, tiling the kitchen area and connecting the Antenna cable to the TV.  Beaumont Tiles, the company who have provided our tiles, called to let me know that the replacements had arrived (to replace the broken ones they sold us before).  When I picked up the new tiles I was very happy that they gave me the old ones too.  This would allow me to do a little more surface than I have intended.  I spent close to $70 to buy the tools and materials I needed to put the tiles up, and I was finally ready to finish this job.  I have never installed tiles before, so I am very happy with my work.  They are not perfect, yet they do look good.  Kitty did a great job in selecting the colour.

Here I am working my magic

The Antenna was possibly the last job I had to complete to make the Studio livable for Kitty’s mother.  She had intended to use an indoor antenna, until Austar arrived to install her dish… problem is that we booked them to do this over a month ago and we were still waiting.  I know people who waited 6 months for the work to be done.  Kitty called to ask for the date, and she was left talking to someone who would only read from previously written scripts.  Every time Kitty asked a question, the person said a different section of the script.


Anyway, Kitty’s mum was not getting very good reception with her indoor antenna, so I set out to hook up a second cable to a nearby roof antenna.  I don’t have any training in this, it was simply a matter of getting on the roof and examining the cables and sockets that were already there… then heading to Dick Smith to find something that matched.  Apparently, I really look like I know what I am doing, as a young mum came over and asked me for help.  After telling her I didn’t work there, I offered to help.  All the store staff were busy at the registers or installing new shelves, so I guess I was the best one for the job.  After I bought the supplies, it was a simple matter of connecting one thing to another, running the cable to the Studio and popping it through to the TV.  I think that she gets better TV reception then I do now.

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