Later Winter Gardening

Once more it is that time of the year when I consider what and how I will plant in my garden.

I am still working on improving my soil, an planting the Winter green manure is a step in using the time to increase the nutrients in the ground as well as filling the space with desirable plants.  If I don’t plant in the soil, and I allow it to sit fallow, I am likely to give weeds and other undesirables a great head start.  I experimented last year with the use of the old shower screen that I placed over the top of one of my garden beds.  I noticed a significant improvement in growth from that bed, when compared to other beds that were planted at the same time.  Now I have more evidence of the benefit of the covered bed.


With this new evidence I will use the glass door on another garden bed to see if I can allow some lettuce and radish seeds a head start so that I can harvest them earlier in the season.  I will put up some more information about that this weekend.



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