“Leap, and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs

I have finished installing the last of my long garden beds, filled it with soil, and planted it out.  I have taken longer than expected to do this as it is such a hassle to have to cart 99 shovel loads of dirt into the garden bed.  I said 99?  Yes, I counted each one I loaded into the wheelbarrow.  I have run out of wire, so I have placed a small poly tunnel over the plants to protect them from the roving wildlife. This is just a temporary fix… I will get some wire on the weekend or whenever I am able.


I am still waiting for some of my recently planted seeds to grow enough to plant out.  I have had some problems with some of them and only a smattering of them have germinated.  I have had to plant out a bunch more seeds that I bought recently, trying out a few companies to see which seeds I like the best.  So far, I have had a great success rate with these new seeds.



At the moment, Kitty and I are busy preparing for this weekend.  There are two large local markets on Saturday and Sunday.  Of course, it means that I will be busy assisting her with the market, yet I have convinced our eldest son to help out to in return for some pocket money.  Kitty has been extremely busy preparing by putting together Christmas themed items for people to purchase as a gift for people at this time of year.  I have been trying to help, yet mostly I am tasting the food she is trying out and coming up with useful suggestions.  Kitty seems to be getting very nervous about it, I think she is worried that it might fail.  I am trying to be as supporting as I can.

While we don’t really have any of our own produce to sell, apart from yummy Christmas cookies and treats.  I had hoped to have seedlings to sell, yet as you all know, that didn’t work out too well.  We are using this market as a way to get out there and meet more of the community, as well as develop an interest in our stall… so that when we do arrive at a market with plants and produce, people are curious.

The stall Kitty normally has at the local market



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