Learning new skills can be painful.

I think part of learning to prepare is not to be afraid to try new things.  Many times you may be able to try a task, or attempt a project, and in doing so you will learn a lot about yourself.  This past weekend saw me remodeling my kitchen.  Firstly, this is not the first time I have renovated a kitchen, and it isn’t something directly related to Prepping, yet it is how my story begins.  Renovating the kitchen  is something which Kitty has been very ken for me to do… I have been reluctant to do it as I could foresee a huge amount of work before me, and also, I was not bothered by the kitchen…. It was functional and had lots of storage.  Kitty’s plan would see the storage are halved and much less work area. Despite my concerns, this weekend I bit the bullet and dove head first into the long-awaited project.

This was the only picture I could find of my kitchen… it is from May 2016. You can get a good idea of the way the kitchen used to look.

Let me say, I wasn’t wrong about the amount of time it took.  I started by clearing away all the items stored in the cupboards, and in this I found many things which we didn’t really need.  I also found some items which I thought were lost, so that was a plus.  I disassembled the sink and bench, which took the majority of the first day.  At the end of this day I was left with a gutted kitchen, no working sink, and a bad odour emanating from the cut waste water pipes.

Day two dawned and boy, was I tired.  I actually slept in a bit as my back was painful from bending down and working at unusual angles, so after a slow start I returned to work.  I moved the new bench into the kitchen as well as a new storage cupboard which Kitty bought the previous weekend.  After this, several hours of the day were devoured as I had to go for a bit of a drive to visit the hardware store.  I had to buy some additional items to allow me to cap an unused drain pipe as well as some blades for my jigsaw to allow me to cut a hole for the sink in the new bench.  When I returned home I started to work on cutting the new sink hole, which shouldn’t have taken as long as it ended up taking.  The problem lay in the fact I wasn’t cutting the hole properly, which meant I had to keep re-cutting.  I went to bed earlier than usual as I was pretty tired from all the work.

Day three… Today was the day I should finish the project… I had to search for some additional sink fasteners from my last kitchen renovation, yet once found I was able to start locking the sink into place. This was the time that disaster struck.  While I was attempting to screw the tap into the underside of the sink, the back of my hand rubbed against the (unknown to me) extremely sharp metal sides.  I was wearing construction gloves, which could have save me from a much worse injury.  It all happened so fast… I was turning the tap nut to attach it to the sink and I was making little progress.  Next thing I notice is my hand rubs against the underside edge of the sink and the glove, and my skin parted like nothing I have ever seen.  I quickly grasped my hand to stop the bleeding which was about to start and called Kitty.  While Kitty has had no formal training in first aid, she has a lot of experience in treating minor injuries.  After a check, Kitty decided it might be beyond her abilities, so we drove down to the nearest medical centre to ask them to tend to my injury.  They had a look and decided it was beyond them and I would need to go to Hobart Emergency.  This was not something I wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon.  It would take an hour to drive there, a wait for 3-6 hours, then an hour home.  I persuaded Kitty into trying to fix herself.  She cleaned the wound area and tapped it up so that I could go to the Doctor first thing Monday morning.

Monday arrived, and I couldn’t get into the doctor till after 4pm.  Apart from some pain and being unable to use my hand, I was OK to wait.  When I saw the doctor, she had a look at it and she was satisfied that the injury was not serious enough to warrant a visit to the hospital.  She redressed the injury and told me to rest the hand for a week… which is already starting to be annoying as it is hard to do most tasks on the property with one hand.


Despite being left with one usable hand, I needed to complete the project.  So… most of Monday I spent attaching the sink and connecting the taps and plumbing.  Kitty helped with the heavy lifting, such as moving the bench into place.  The funniest part was that the tap I had been screwing into place… the part of the job where I cut my hand open… it didn’t need to be screwed in… I actually connected it from the other side with no risk of injury.  If only I wasn’t so exhausted from the work I might have realised that and saved myself a painful injury.


Still a couple of things to do in the bench, and there are lots of washing up to do.

Four days of near constant work, an injured hand, a body wracked by pain and exhaustion… we have the finished product.  I still need to tile the back wall, as well as raising the table/bench on the right side of the sink… yet in all, I am happy with the kitchen.  Kitty was right that it would make it look better (she is always right about these things) and in the process she learned that she is able to tend to bleeding injuries and do such a good job on them that the doctor was impressed.


Oh, and I want to say, I typed this whole article one handed.

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