“Life has a way of setting things in order and leaving them be.” – Jean Anouilh

I have just uploaded a new guide to the Instructable website on a simple method to butchering rabbits.  It shows the process I have been using to butcher my rabbits and I am very happy with the results.



Kitty and I have been working hard these last few weeks on preparing the house for placement on the market, as well as looking at other houses on sale.  This is, in a way, a part of my 13 skills, as it is getting out of debt.

In previous house sales we have usually faired pretty well with doing a small amount on maintenance and polish before the property is place on the market.  This process entails:

  • Repairing any dents or damage to the walls and painting them white.
  • Updating the ceiling lights to a more current version.
  • De-cluttering the house
  • Tidying the gardens.

Basically, we are spending a small amount of money to update some of the features of the house, and also remove some of the things which gives the house our personality.  We want perspective buyers to walk in and to not see my family there… we want them to see a blank canvas that they can imagine themselves within.  We are getting rid of furniture that we no longer need (we seem to collect them), items for projects I have not started (such as old, broken items which I intended to re-purpose), etc.  It is like a very aggressive spring clean. The painting is something which we always intended to do, yet we put it off in favor of other projects.

One of the older lights which is on the way out.

The ceiling lights in our house are a little old fashioned.  By updating them we are improving the look of the house and also making it brighter.  Some of the lights I have installed were a little complex, involving re-wiring sections, yet I have found it to be very simple.

All the steps we have taken above are in line with selling the house and also with just basic spring cleaning


I have also been using the tanning solution of Kerosine and Baking soda, as mentioned in my previous post of 13 September 2013.  I have coated two out of three hides with the solution, and left one to dry naturally as a control for this experiment.  After three days the two hides that were coated feel much softer and pliable than the one without tanning.   When I re-coated the two hides, I also coated a small section of the control hide, so that I could tell the difference easier.  So far the areas coated in the solution had felt much softer and pliable… the areas not coated feel dry and paper-like.  I will continue this and see how it ends up.

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