“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

Looking back at my last few posts I realise I forgot to mention that the chicks I had in the incubator hatched.  I placed 12 within the machine and all 12 hatched.  That is a very impressive result as far as I am concerned and I feel that I can recommend the machine to people.  I will keep an eye on the amount of cycles it can run, yet so far I am happy.


Back to the point, 12 chicks hatched, yet one died.  Over the course of 2 days, I had 11 chicks hatch, yet I left the last one, to give that one a chance.  On the 5th day after the first chick hatched, I was about to turn the incubator off… I was standing there with my hand on the switch, when I heard a little cheeping noise from the incubator.  The last egg was alive and the chick wanted out.  I gave it some more time… the next day, when I checked, the egg had a little crack in the shell.  I gave it another day… and when investigated, the egg had a small hole that was just large enough to see the chick’s beak.  I gave it another day, and the hole had doubled in size, yet still not large enough.  What should I do?

This is how it should appear.

I made a decision, I broke the shell a little, to give it a chance.  I walked away and came back an hour later, the chick was still in there, so I broke some more shell.  I watched it this time, and the chick seemed to be moving a little less… making a little less noise.  The chick was dying!  I then broke enough shell for me to remove the little one, and I allowed it to lay on the floor to dry.  It looked like it had outgrown the shell and was too large to escape.  The chick could barely move, it seemed tired and needed sustenance.  After it had dried, I placed it with it’s siblings.  Within seconds they were taking turns at standing on it, pecking it, etc.  I was worried that they might kill it.  I moved it back to the warmth of the incubator with some food and water for another night.

The next day, Kitty placed the chick in the brooder box (with the heat lamp) while the other chicks went outside for their time in the sun.  An hour later, it had died.  I was a little sad for loosing this one.  I had put so much effort into keeping it alive, and it seems that it wasn’t meant to be.



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