“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

The way home is long and could take me between one and two days to complete the journey if I had to do it by foot.  I previously documented the items which I had in my bag, as well as in my previous post where I discussed the food items.  What else do I need?  There are several items which I believe are crucial for inclusion.  The key to which items I should consider are the usefulness of the item, whether it would be useful in more than one scenario, the need, the cost, and finally the weight.  I was discussing this today over lunch with a friend.  He was interested in my Get home bag items, specifically my water filtering system.  I thought I would go over some of the discussion points here, and complete the list in my next post.

The usefulness. – I don’t want to carry items for the sake of carrying them.  Nothing to be included because it is “tacti-cool”.  If something is in there, it is because it has a purpose.

General purpose – Most items I have in my bag serve multiple purposes.  The rain ponchos I carry (yes, I have more than one) can serve as the obvious rain poncho, as well as a rain shelter, a water still, and still serve other uses.  When I add an item, if it has only one use, it needs to be useful in multiple difference scenarios.

Need – Do I really need the item?  Sure, a gas mask would be a great inclusion for low probability events… yet I don’t think the chance of it happening warrant carrying it.  The items need to be useful for a majority of situations.

Cost – I am not rich… I need to consider the cost of items before I can include them.  If I can, I will try to make do with less expensive substitutes.  I  can’t afford to buy multiple ration packs, so I will make my own.

Weight – I carry my bag most places I go… so it can’t be too heavy.  I hurt my back many decades ago in a martial art incident, so I need to look after my back.


Water Purifier.

One item I feel is important is a Water Purifier.  I would like to add a Water purifier Pump, to allow me to refill bottles.  This device can also double up and serve as a “Life Straw”.

I am arranging the purchase of such an item, as it is vital to my bag’s contents.  This item is very light and does not take up very much space.  I believe that the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter could fit in my bag and would be more versatile.  As you know, water is key to life.  While the single purpose of this device is obvious, the absolute usefulness makes it a requirement.

Sleeping bag

I found a cheap, $30, sleeping bag being sold by some of my local hardware stores.  It seems light, not very thick or long (yet long enough for me), yet it is light and small.  It might suffice for a night or two.  This will be easier to carry than the larger, more durable, army sleeping bag I have placed in my car.   The smaller sleeping bag, with some careful manipulation, would fit in my backpack should it be required.  I have also found a few interesting looking compressed Sleeping Bags on Amazon.This item would be useful in most situations where I would have to stay away from home.


I still haven’t found a camping hammock which I can afford.  I have found a couple on eBay that are small, inexpensive, yet I don’t know if they will be durable or worth the money.  I will consider whether I will buy them.  While I decide, I still have the hammock I was given for Christmas.  It will need some modifications to make it easy to install in a camping situation (such as some carabiners so that I can hook it up quickly), as well as being paired with an army mosquito net and a light weight tarp incase of rain.  This combination should provide a serviceable hammock for camping and should not be too heavy.

I really love the look of the Hennessy Hammock – Explorer Deluxe ClassicThere is an interesting review of the Hammock on DansDepot page.

It is a great looking Hammock, has everything I want, yet it is a little out of my price range at the moment.  Once I can afford to buy one, I will do a review on the product.

Stay turned for part 2.  I will go over some additional items, and also go into greater detail on the requirements.

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