Looking after a worm farm is not as easy as it seems

I made a little mistake with the location in which I placed my worm farm.  Originally it was at the front of my house, under a tree.  I decided to move it a few months ago as it was a little out of the route in which I walk, and therefore was a little neglected.  So the place I moved it to was behind my greenhouse, which is a place I visit daily.  I felt that I would be able to check their food, and make sure they were thriving.  They were producing bucket loads of manure which would go greatly on my compost.

This progressed fine for a while, with food scraps being given to the little guys every couple of days, and they seemed to be thriving.



Then, the cold of winter hit… with its shorter days and cold afternoons.   I was not a little too hasty in my afternoon chores.  I would take care of the larger animals, yet my care for the worms consisted of dumping in food and getting away, back to the warm house as soon as possible.  Then on the weekend I finally decided to get in there and check the worms out.  What I discovered was that recent rains had turned the worm farm into a mud farm.  The bottom tray was so full of water that some of the worms had drowned!  The majority had migrated into the higher levels to escape their watery doom.


I immediately set about trying to drain the majority of the liquid, yet I am not sure how they will go.  I will install a plastic tarp over them this week to try to help keep the worst of the rain from them.


In summary… never neglect your worms.  Sure they are small and usually look after themselves, yet every thing, even worms, need attention sometimes.

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