“Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.” – Epictetus

Saturday night was an interesting night in the Little Tassie Prepper house.  The weather outside was exceedingly windy with 96km/h winds.  Around 5:30pm the power went down (after four different power down and back up again within 3 minutes) and we all kicked into prepper mode.  The sun had just set so it was starting to get dark.  The torches were out within seconds, even the kids knew where their torches were kept.  Kitty broke out the lanterns from our supply and moved around the house lighting candles.  I called the electricity company and checked their automated message that advised we were effected by a power failure and to expect it to take several hours to correct.  I went to work setting up the generator, unfortunately with only one functional hand due to the incident the day before.  I determined that the most important devices were the water pump and the Entertainment unit (TV, Satellite unit).  The reason for the television being important was because the children had their hearts set on watching a Scooby Doo movie after dinner.  Nothing else in the house really needed power so I plugged the generator into the TV.  A few hours later the power suddenly came back on and once the children had finished watching their movie I shut down the generator.


Power failures are not uncommon at our home.  We regularly loose power due to winds or storms and because of this it is a high priority on our list of prepping situations.  Kitty and I were both surprised that the power had been on for as long as it had on Saturday, considering the windy conditions. It was good to see that everyone knew what to do and went to work with little need for directions.

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