Meet Edith, our latest addition to the Homestead

According to the British Rabbit Council, a British Giant rabbit needs to exhibit certain qualities in order to be recognised as a true British Giant.  I am starting to question whether my bunnies are true British Giants.  On Friday I bought a new rabbit to be a companion for Roger.  Her name is Edith, and she is a young British Giant who I bought from a Breeder in the Channel area of Tassie.  The person I bought her from appears to be very knowledgeable on the subject of British Giants and gave me the name of another breeder in the city who I could use in the future.  When this seller came over to my home, she remarked that by bunnies are quite small compared to her rabbits.  This has me a little concerned…. Maybe my bunnies are not pure British Giants!


Edith is a lovely little bunny.  She is apparently coloured Agouti… a colour which I don’t think is compatible with the British Giant standards.  As well as this, she also has a much thinner face than my other bunnies.  To be honest, I am worried that my rabbits are not British Giants… either that, or Edith isn’t really a pure British Giant.  I have looked at photos of British Giants and my bunnies match those images, yet mine are apparently undersized for true British Giants.  I know it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the universe, yet it does matter as I bought (what I thought were) British Giants, and I have been selling them as such too.  I don’t want to mislead people.


Regardless, Edith appears to be a very lovely little bunny.  She is a little shy, yet that is understandable as she just met us.  I will have to take some time to pat her in order for her to become more familiar with people.  I don’t think it will be till next Spring before she is old enough to breed… which is perfect as I am getting close to the end of the breeding season.  I am considering getting one more litter from Marylin before the end of Summer… yet I am not sure.  Having lost 80% of the last litter, and 100% of every other litter she had last year, I am thinking that it might be better if she took a break.


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