“Memory always obeys the commands of the heart.” – Antoine Rivarol

This afternoon I had to put down my long time Rabbit, Ginger.

Over the last week she had developed a growth on her face, which was most likely an possibly an abscess.  Unlike with us, an abscess in a Rabbit is very difficult to remove.  It takes scans, surgery and medication to correct.  While I am attached to this Rabbit, I am not about to spend hundreds of dollars on her medical treatment.  Some people may think that I am heartless for this, and I understand that… yet I ensured that she was not in pain by having her put to sleep.

We decided to bury her on the edge of the property and I planted a nice Banana Passion-fruit vine on the spot.  My kids were a little sad about her death… she was a very good rabbit, being a good mother to her little ones.



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