“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” – Bruce Lee

I have decided that the first animal on the chopping block will have to be one of my Rabbits… in this case the Rabbit I kept due to it giving me a surprise. I mentioned that I had originally thought that my Black and White Rabbit was a male, due to my inexperience in sexing Rabbits I thought that she was a he. I only discovered the error when I noticed that a male in the cage with Black and White was trying to mate with her (or him). Anyway, the next day Black and White gave birth to a litter of Bunnies, so she had obviously been pregnant for a while (no, she didn’t give birth the day after mating). Since that time she has had a couple of litters, yet she has recently decided that she is not interested in my Male Rabbit.

I have placed her in his hutch nearly every day for 3 weeks, and she resists his repeated advances. I feel pretty bad for the little guy, his self confidence must be destroyed!  Last week I thought that there may be something wrong with him… maybe he is whatever Rabbits consider to be a dork or something. Yet when I placed my Ginger Rabbit in the hutch with him, they mated immediately. I really wished that I recorded that, as it was the funniest thing I have ever seen a Rabbit do. Once he had completed the act with the female and flopped to the side (as rabbits do), he gave the loudest, weirdest scream that I have ever heard. I have read that Rabbits only scream when they are in pain, yet I think he screamed in triumph… it had been some time since the last time he mated.

I am holding Ginger before I let her have a visit with her “husband”.

I placed Black and White in the cage after my Male’s success, yet she has still not played ball. So I have decided that as she is consuming food and not providing a return to me I will have to take her as consolation.  I will do it when I feel up to it, unless she breeds before then.

Our Egg production has dropped down to nothing in the past week. One of my hens has gone broody and taken to sitting on a large collection of eggs. I have decided to allow her to do this so that we can increase our chicken numbers for next year. In addition to this, my other two hens have gone. One was killed by my dog Stella as it had roamed into the yard where Stella sleeps.  While I knew the bird was in the same yard as Stella, I only realised three days after it had gone in that it was there.  I know it was three days as there were three eggs on the little nest the chicken made for herself (the chickens have been laying an egg a day).  The other chicken has just disappeared and I couldn’t find a trace of her. I thought, or hoped, that she is sitting on a hidden batch of eggs too. I discovered the truth when I was cleaning out one of my Rabbit Hutches yesterday. Between the hutch and the wall was the missing chicken. She had a little blood on her, yet she was mostly intact. I suspect Stella had something to do with this and the hen hid in the area until it died. Not the nicest way to go.

I talked to Kitty last night about Stella and I asked what we should do about her. Kitty mentioned that we only have the problem as a bunch of chickens have escaped the pen and are roaming free. When the chickens are not roaming there will be no problem. She is right of course. We will see what happens now that that the roaming chickens are all gone (but for the Roster who looked after them, yet he doesn’t really have a use anymore apart from feeding my family).

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