“My advice is don’t keep asking yourself if you can do something. Just get out there and do it. You can really surprise yourself.” – Roz Savage

One of Kitty’s friends recently gave me a gift from her Husband.  This was very unexpected, and welcome.  Apparently he has a very keen interest in Permaculture, so I am looking forward to meeting him and learning a thing or three.  I too have an interest in the subject and I am little more than a Neophyte.  I have been told that he is working hard to grow organic and healthy food, which is a great goal.  As a part of this, the man has been attempting to grow Avocados from seeds and it looks like he has had some success.  It is surprising that they would grow down here in the South of Australia, closer to Antarctica than most places.  The gift I received was a very well established Avocado plant, around 30cm in height.  The leaves are large and look well formed.  I am a little daunted by this, as I never thought of growing them here… yet I will do my best to find it a home.  I think I have found a great spot for it, near the house.  It should get plenty of sun, and heat that will radiate back from the building.


I did a few bits of handyman work around the house on the weekend.  Our main bathroom has a fan in the roof, for extracting the shower steam, yet it has never worked for us.  I climbed into the roof cavity and found that the problem lies with the fan itself.  It receives power from a nearby power outlet, yet the fan doesn’t turn.  After a short visit to the Hardware store, and $30 later, I came home with a new fan.  I was very surprised at the ease of installation… the whole job took less than 5 minutes.  As soon as it was installed I turned on the light and there was the gentle hum of the fan turning.  Let me tell you, I get such a feeling of satisfaction and self-pride every time I hear that hear that fan running.



Next job on my list was my car.  One of the headlights appeared to be not working… and this is a serious issue for me.  I usually drive to work in the dark (especially this time of year), so I need to be able to see and be seen.  I usually have a collection of spare bulbs and other parts for my car, yet I seemed to have failed to have bought extra last time I fixed the light.  So while I was at the hardware store for the fan, I also bought a couple of replacement headlight bulbs.  Now I finally have light.


Finally, another car task.  The stereo in my little work car hasn’t worked since the battery died last year.  The stereo requires a code to activate after the battery died, and I don’t have this (the previous owner failed to give it to me when I bought the car).  So for months I have been driving to and from work with the faint sound of my iPod.  I decided to do something about it, so I found a car stereo that I bought Kitty 10 years ago.  It was a gift that was to be installed into her old car, but she sold the vehicle shortly afterwards and for a very long time we were a one car family.  I removed the old stereo and found that the connection in the car would not match the new stereo.  I thought about it and, after a few internet searches, I went about stripping the wires in the cables so that I could re-wire the stereos together.  I made a couple of minor mistakes (one causing a loud pop to come from the new stereo and for it to start to smoke) yet after a couple of hours of work I now have a working car stereo… which makes it a much more pleasant drive for me and my passengers.


So, why am I writing these last two paragraphs on my Prepper blog?  I consider them to be a part of Prepping… they are taking the time to learn a skill that can be used elsewhere.  I fixed my car, myself.  I don’t have a lot of experience doing this, but I learnt a new skill.  I also saved us money by doing these myself… and not paying someone else to do it.  I intend to do some more work on my cars myself… such as changing the oil and other service things.  Is there a job that needs to be done in your life and you are about to take it to someone to be fixed?  Maybe you could do it yourself… read up about it and see if you could try it.  It is extremely satisfying to have done the jobs I did on the weekend.

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