“My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.” – Phyllis Diller


This evening I cooked a meal for the family, attempting to use food from our stores and meat that we produced ourselves.  I selected some meat from my freezer, and suspected that it was goose or goat.  You see, I failed to write the contents of the freezer bag on the outside, so it was “guess what is for dinner” time.  The reason I suspected goose or goat was due to the colour of the meat and the fact I had cut it into what appeared to be strips.  Anyway, I sliced the strips into chunks of meat and then marinated them in a sauce of Light Soy Sauce, Garlic and Ginger (the Garlic was home grown, the ginger was a gift from another gardener).  While they marinated I started cooking the rice in the rice cooker.  It was about this time that the children found out what I was doing and they declared that they would not be eating my meal for dinner.  Nice encouragement from the family.

As I was the only one to eat the meal I added a can of mushrooms cooked them, with the meat in a frying pan.  It was ready pretty quickly… unfortunately I went outside to check on our current wood levels and I was distracted into playing a game with my dog George.  I came back inside to find my meal over done.

Still, it was enjoyable, tasted good, and was a simply prepared meal from items which we have in ample supply.


Oh, and in-case you were wondering what the meat was… it was Pork from my Pig farming days.  I guess this is a lesson in proper labeling of items you put away.  It could also be a lesson in getting my family used to eating my weird concoctions from our stores.

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  1. Hey great story and I have got caught with things in the freezer too. I bought a kryovac machine a little while ago and it works a treat for freezing stuff. The bags are very thick so I have no qualms about using a permanent marker. I have noticed a real difference identifying frozen good especially meat.

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