My first Kayak Fishing trip

I am really enjoying Kayaking, which was something I have been dreaming of doing for many years.  Owning one, at the moment, is still a bit of a pipe dream…. I have other financial obligations which require my attention over something so frivolous as a kayak.  My friend lending me his kayak has allowed me to decide if it is something I want to do, and I am sure that it is definitely something I want.

Last week we had some amazing weather here, so my son and I travelled to a secluded part of the bay near my home and I went to try my hand at kayak fishing.  To be honest, I was a little nervous about trying this.  I had visions of something out of Hemmingway’s novel, the Old man and the Sea.  I would hook some large fish and be hauled about the sea by it.  I was also a little worried about falling in and losing my fishing gear.  After a chat to Kitty, who encouraged me to try, I decided to give it a go.

We arrived at the water around 11am, and I quickly set out on the water.  As you can see from the video, I am a bit of an elephant on the water (perhaps that is rude to elephants… I have read that they are excellent swimmers), yet I went out regardless.  I believe I was around 300m offshore when I made my first cast.  In less than a minute I had a big bit on the end of the line.  I tried to snare the fish, yet I missed it and brought back an empty hook.  I was very encouraged by this, so I cast again, losing the bait as I cast it.  I am not very good at setting the blue bait I used on the hook, which is something I want to correct.

On the third cast, within a minute, I hooked something, and this time I landed the fish.  It turned out to be a little Sand Flat Head.  They can be great eating, yet this one was half the legal size, so I would have to return him.  Problem was, they have lots of spines that can easily jab at a hand, and I forgot to bring a tool to hold the fish.  It was much too energetic for me to hold, jumping and spinning all over the place.  I threw him back in for a little while I paddled around… hoping to calm him a little.  I paddled on the water for a couple of minutes before trying again, and this time my little flathead was much calmer.  I unhooked him and cast him free.

I spent the rest of the hour just paddling around the water and enjoying the solitude.  Eventually I decided it was time to head back… my son wanted to try out the kayak as well.  When I started to paddle back, I started to really get tired.  It was hard work paddling against the very light breeze coming from the shore.  Still, I paddled on and eventually made it back, although I was a bit winded.

I think Kayak fishing is something I could do, if I owned a kayak.  I do need to work on learning how to bait the hook properly, as I am getting tired of losing bait due to my ineptitude.  I do know how to put worms on a hook (my father taught me that when I was a little kid), yet it is harder with a little fish.

Sand Flathead


Speaking of Kayaks, a friend of mine recently recommended another Kayak that I might consider, and after reading the reviews I am convinced that this would be a great choice. He uses the Malibu Explorer Pro, and he has told me that it really suits someone of my size (he is similar in build to me).  I have looked at some of the reviews, as well as the specs for the model, and I while is isn’t the “ultimate” kayak, it is still awesome and would suite my needs.


The ones I previously mentioned, the Malibu X Factor and Malibu Stealth 14, are pipe dream models.  They are too expensive for me to realistically afford (at least for several years).  The Malibu Explorer Pro might be more affordable.  I have seen many for sale on Gumtree… only the problem is that none of them are close enough for me to consider purchasing.  It is something I will have to keep my eyes on for the future.  To have a Kayak is a huge goal of mine and I feel that owning one (at the moment… considering the other items which take financial precedent) is only a dream.  I feel silly sometimes for dreaming about owning a Kayak, yet as Kitty often tells me…

If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true?

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