My method of butchering a rabbit

I wanted to share a video I produced a week or so ago, of my method on butchering a rabbit.

It isn’t the fastest method (although, as I mention in the video, I am out of practice) yet it is how I get the maximum meat and fur from my rabbits.

There is a significant amount of blood in the video, so if that is not your scene, please don’t watch.

The rabbit was born here from Roger and Marylin.  He was born (I think) at the start of 2017, and we were unable to sell him.  I had kept him for longer than normal, yet when I decided that I wanted to cook a Rabbit for my family, he was the next one the list.

He lived a great life, spending his first weeks with his mother, living with his siblings until they were all sold.  He enjoyed great shelter, protection from danger, as well as fresh food, water and grass.  I think he lived a great life and he only really had one bad day in his life.

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  1. Good job! Suggestion….a couple of preformed wire hooks to hang the rabbit would save time.
    Soak carcass for an hour in salt water to remove remaining blood.
    Cooking as a stew in a slow cooker gives a delicious tender result.

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