“Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am back to work as of today, with my leave having finished.  I am a little disappointed as I didn’t manage to complete any jobs of importance while on leave.  I started many, didn’t finish any – mostly due to illness and injuries.  Regardless, I am still motivated to finish all the jobs I had to do.

Dirt, not as interesting as you might think. Still, it is my dirt and I am proud of it.

On Saturday we took delivery of 4 cubic meters of good quality soil, which we need to fill our raised garden beds (the ones we brought with us from our old house).  Kitty has plans to array them around the central part of the garden, making the entertainment area a great place, filled with edible plants.  With this as our goal, Kitty planted a dozen Raspberry canes in two of the beds, and one with YoungBerries.  I planted out one in Tomatoes, leaving plenty of space on the Eastern side to plant the Tomatoes I have growing from seeds.

This is not all I will plant in the bed… I just became excited after planting them and wanted to take a picture.

On Saturday night the Raspberry beds were preyed upon by a nocturnal visitor… a Possum, at least that is what I have been able to determine.  I didn’t bother protecting them after we planted them, so the Possum had free reign.  I am grateful that it only munched on a couple of leaves, considering that the animal could have decimated everything in a night.

Perhaps it was an entree?


After this, on Sunday morning, I was out with Wooden stakes and some wire, protecting the beds from any future attacks.  I didn’t have anything great to use, only some chicken wire I bought a while ago.  A little creative flair and I managed to create a little protective dome for the Raspberries.  It should hold until I come up with a better solution.



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