“Necessity may well be called the mother of invention but calamity is the test of integrity.” – Samuel Richardson

So I have been testing the incubator and I have received some mixed results.  I have actually had to check with the company that made the product so that I could be sure it is all in order.  During my tests I have had the incubator up to the suitable temperature (it does fluctuate a bit, but I think it is OK), yet the Humidity seems to be acting weird.

With no water within, it is registering a humidity of between 99-100%

With a a little water in the largest of the five water channels, it drops to between 78-80%.


When I change things and only add water to the smallest channel, the humidity drops till it reaches 70%, then doesn’t go lower no matter how much water I add.

While I wait for a reply, I have decided to drop the eggs I have collected into the Incubator.  Might as well test that out too.


I have some awesome news… we have some new Bunnies on the Homestead.  Ginger has given birth, and Rodger is officially a father.  It has been a bit of a stressful time, waiting for her to give birth.  I had expected them to be born in 28 days, yet they surprised us by arriving in 33 days.  I am not sure if we have three or four babies… I don’t want to touch them and it is hard to count them without moving them.  I will wait till they come out of the nest by themselves.

We are all so happy with them. Kitty, the kids and I have been watching them whenever we get a chance.  They are so adorable, they haven’t yet opened their eyes, and they make little squeaking noises.  I am also really happy with the lovely looking pelts that have.

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