“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – Auguste Rodin

I have finally finished my work on the Studio… well, apart from putting up tiles around the kitchen wet area.

Setting up the pipes was like a jigsaw puzzle

I paid for, and took delivery of, the tiles from Beaumont Tiles.  I don’t really like the place, yet Kitty found the tiles that she liked, for the price that worked… so we had to go with them.  The couple of times we went in to check out the tiles I was really put off by their in-house advertising.  The place was filled with adds covered in Stock photos… which made me feel they were a budget operation.  Between these posters were other posters proclaiming that someone from the block bought this tile, or someone else bought this other one.  I found it really off-putting.  I did have trouble when I picked them up (firstly, they told me they were picked up by me a week ago… it was only when I reminded them that I had not paid for them yet that they found them).  Once we had them safely home, we started organising the materials to put them up… it was then that we noticed that every sheet of tiles was cracked.  It appears that they had been dropped or something while in transit, then it looked like they were moved to a different box.

I called them this morning, and they said that they are happy to replace them (I am sure that I will have to wait another fortnight before they arrive).  I will keep you all posted as to how it goes.

You can see a video I have made of the Studio on my Youtube channel.


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