“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

I have hurt my back pretty badly the other day, while working on our stores of fire wood.  I spent several hours chopping up a fallen tree with my chainsaw, which I realised after starting work that it needed sharpening… this probably added to my injury as I had to work harder to cut the wood.  I then cut the wood into smaller sections and carted it to my house, where it was stacked to await the colder weather.  Somewhere along the line I had what the doctor is calling a “Muscle Spasm” in my back.  Basically, my back seized up and I couldn’t stand up straight for a couple of days.  Due to this I was pretty much out of commission for a while… which is why I haven’t posted a lot.  Once my back is better I will get back into my fitness and my work on the property.

Kitty took some pictures of me in the process of this, yet the images are not on my camera.  I will have to look into that.


Finally, my years of playing Cluedo have paid off.  While in the garden the other afternoon I found evidence pointing to the villain that is denuding my fruit trees.  While examining the trees for any new growth I found Goose down on a bud in the fruit trees.  I didn’t feel that was enough evidence, yet a short while later I found something more telling.  I filmed the Geese eating a branch which I dropped on the ground.  The Branch had been broken off one of the trees, so I broke it into sections and dropped it under the tree so that it could break down and provide it’s nutrients to the tree.  I turned my back and walked out of the garden, only to see a Goose grab the branch.  It proceeded to remove the leaves, assisted by the other two Geese.  I filmed it to show, yet I am unable to locate this video (possibly related to the missing pictures from my camera).  For now, just take my word for it.

I spent a few hours on the weekend slaughtering and butchering the 2 older Geese, leaving the young one for a while till it grows up more.

My dog, Morleigh, was ever ready to lend a hand.  Here she is enjoyed the off cuts of the Goose.

She looks like she is smiling.


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