“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

I have been working on my 13 Skill of Music.  While Kitty was in Hospital, an Electric Guitar I ordered off eBay arrived, along with a game for my xBox 360, called “Rocksmith“.  When I started I sucked beyond all belief.  I could barely hit the notes, yet the game quickly taught me and within a week I was able to play some parts of a few songs with very few errors.  It has been three weeks now and I am getting a lot better.  I am able to play most of the songs with few mistakes, yet I am still a long way from completing this skill.

I am inspiring my eldest son, who is a member of his school band, to learn the instrument which he has been asked to play.


Here I am Rocking Out to the Pixies – Where is my Mind.


It hasn’t been the most productive week.  Mostly I have been helping Kitty more around the house, and we have been busy getting the house in order so that we can sell it.  One thing I have been doing that is going through some of our food preps.  Re-ordering them, working out what we have and taking stock.  While doing this I found a few cans of peaches from 2009!  I decided to open one to see if it was still if an edible condition.  Let me say, they tasted great!  I can’t say the same for the vanilla custard that I made to accompany the fruit.

You can see the lid to the right of the can of Peaches showing the date as 2009.
You can see the lid to the right of the can of Peaches showing the date as 2009.

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