“Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.” – Terry Pratchett


I have moved the completed Chicken Tractor into my neighbours paddock.  This was a Herculean task in of itself, one rife with pain and suffering.  Kitty cut her hand on the Barbwire fence, I hurt my back, it was a bit of a warzone.  In the end, the tractor was moved, and the chickens placed into their new location.

These chickens don’t seem to be eating as much grass as my other chicks, yet when I move the tractor there are visible signs on the grass that they have been eating.  I will have to keep an eye on this.  I don’t want them going without food, obviously, yet I need to get them to eat grass.  I can not find any documentation that will tell me how to get them to do this, so I will have to work it out for myself.



After my first great wild mushroom harvest (are they still wild mushrooms if I grow them?) I have not seen any great improvement in my mushrooms since my first harvest.  I am worried that I have messed it up by taking some… perhaps I harvested too soon?  Anyway, I can see that the Mycellium is still growing, just no mushrooms are growing out of the bag.  I will wait to see.


I made a new batch of beer last night, the first in about a year, if I recall correctly.  I chose to use Morgan’s Amber Ale as a base, adding Dextrose and Morgan’s Caramalt as additional Malt.  I talked to a chap at the beer brewing supplier, who told me that this will give it a Caramel flavour to enhance the Amber Ale (which already has a slight caramel hint).  I have never done this before, so I am curious as to how it works out.

100_0546 beer
Some lovely looking beers, picture from Sydney Pub Tours


My worm farm is really working well at the moment.  I mentioned that the farm wasn’t producing tea, which was a problem, yet I can handle that.  I  noted the other week  that there were increased amounts of small flies (Apparently they are called Vinegar Flies) around the farm.  There were so many that I would have to close my eyes and mouth when I opened the worm farm, as they went everywhere.  I discovered that they are due to the fact that I have over fed the worms.   The worms could not cope with the larger amount of food, so the flies were able to find a place to lay eggs.  I have stopped feeding the worms for a little while, removing all the uneaten waste products.  I am happy to advise that the amount of flies has dropped dramatically, and the worms look so much happier.   I have also discovered that their castings seem a lot better, more solid, so hopefully the worm farm is healthier than it was last week.

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  1. Maybe you should consider ducks instead of or in addition to your chickens? Ducks eat more grass than chickens, some duck breeds lay almost as many eggs (which are larger than a chicken’s), they produce tasty meat and they fit just as nicely in chicken tractors. Domestic ducks don’t fly nor need ponds to swim in. I’ve had more luck with ducks than chickens, personally 🙂
    Or maybe try geese. Grass is a goose’s natural diet.

    Good luck with the rest of your farm endeavors ^^ Fingers crossed your mushrooms start growing again soon.

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