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How-to-grow-food-in-small-spaces_1024x1024I recently read How to Grow Food in Small Spaces, a book which Kitty bought for me, as well as the How-to cards the authors have created as a companion to the book.

The book, How to Grow Food in a small space, was an interesting and easy read.  It was created by Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember, two men who write of their love of the garden and attempt to inspire a similar love in the reader.  The authors have a company called The Little Veggie Patch Co. that runs out of Melbourne, Australia.  I have checked them out on the web and it appears that they sell seeds, books and little items created to assist the gardener.  They write that their business is “dedicated to helping people grow food.”  They seem to have a genuine interest in fostering the growth of the home garden.


The book contains many colourful pictures of this duo at work in the garden, as well as the various products that they were growing.  The the book contains the personal backgrounds of the authors, the basics of a plant’s requirements (Water, Soil, etc. ), and general information which most gardening books hold.  The last 2/3 of the book look at several dozen different plants for the garden, including information on planting, harvesting, etc.  Throughout the book there are various projects to keep kids inspired (and may be of use/interest to the adult grower), such as scarecrow building, growing beans in an empty bean can, and a “Spud Tower”.

An image from The Little Veggie Patch’s Instagram


As I mentioned, the book was an interesting and easy read.  It would be suitable for a beginner or a young adult who is starting to discover the wonder of gardening.  It is a bit expensive for so little useful information (their website sells it for $45), yet I see it as being something I will offer for my children to read.  This book doesn’t contain any information which isn’t available in countless other gardening books, and while some of their projects are interesting, it would not be hard to find similar projects on the web for free.


The How-to cards were a nice little addition, although I am not sure that they are worth the $20 they cost.  The little box contains 26 cards that provide basic details on 26 different plants that the Little Veggie Patch Co. state are our favourite vegetables.  There are recipes for these vegetables so it could be a useful resource.  I see it as something I may keep in my garden shed, and I can use it as a quick reference point… although with today’s technology, I could just as easily whip out my iPod and find out much more within the same amount of time.

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