“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

My back is still tender from my injury last week (or back spasm, as the doctor called it), so I have refrained from any exercise until I am feeling up to it.  This has blown out my schedule for completing Tap Out, yet I will have to live with this until I recover.  At least it is giving me more time to rest for my shin splint to heal, which is also giving me a lot of pain at the moment.  Still, despite needing this rest I feel really bad that I am unable to exercise and complete one of my goals.

One positive outcome of my resent Goose eradication program has been that I have gone this whole week with no damage to my fruit trees.  It could be because whatever animal was breaking/eating them has gone elsewhere, or perhaps (as I suspect) the Geese are not around to attack the trees.  I am happy regardless of the reason, my trees now have a little time to recover before we hit winter.  The young Goose, however, seems a little terrified of me.  I don’t blame it as I did kill it’s parents.  Hopefully in time it will come to trust me again.


I have completed one of my thirteen skills!  Today I spent a few hours working on completing my chicken/duck house.  The only part left to do was the door.  I did build the door frame a couple of months ago, yet when it didn’t fit I lost the will to go on.  The reason it didn’t fit wasn’t because the door was built wrong, as the door was fine (very square and strong) it was because the door whole was crooked.  After some work with a hacksaw to remove the nails, and a bit of hard work I removed the top of the door frame, allowing me to fit the door into the frame.


I then attached the frame to the door before adding wooden panels to cover the door.  Afterwards I felt really good about myself.  This was a job I started at the end of 2012 and I had put it off for many different reasons.  Completing it is really something of which I am proud.


I was going to make an Instructable on this process.  I will see if I can find some photos from the start to help illustrate it.

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