Potatoes are a good choice for the garden.

Potatoes are a great crop to grow in the garden, particularly when the price of potatoes goes higher than you would expect to pay (such as now).  Spuds are a staple in my families diet.  They taste great, fill you up and provide energy for work.  My favorite method of cooking them is baking… I really love baked potatoes, and when you cook my preferred variety it makes it a very special meal.

When growing potatoes, I recommend considering growing an unusual variety.  My variety of choice is Vitelotte (a French variety which is purple in colour), which does provide a smaller yield, yet it is such a quirky potato that I believe it is worth it… especially when I can’t buy them from the grocery store.  I baked a few this evening, so you can see the rich purple colour.

As I mentioned, it has a smaller yield… I usually can harvest around 4-6 small Vitelotte potatoes per seed potato planted… this is not the best results to feed my family.  Due to that, I will have to plant other, higher yielding potatoes.  Kennebec and Red Pontiac are, in my opinion, a great choice due to their shorter growing season and good yield.  These are the varieties I will use to fill out the gap made by the Vitelotte.

When growing the potatoes I use the time honoured method of planting them in the ground.  None of this fancy, planting them in car tires or straw beds.  I have tried the car tires and I gathered zero potatoes from that.  I feel that the method of in the ground and shoring up the sides when the potato grows is the best.

Have any of you every had any success with the tire method of growing potatoes?  I would love to hear about it, and learn what you did.

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