“Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.” – Edward Abbey

Tasmania is currently experiencing an issue with electrical power.  A couple of weeks ago the powers that be decided to cut one of the undersea cables that connect Tasmania to the mainland.  This cable contains part of our broadband traffic (which has led to significantly lower speeds in the state) as well as reduced capacity to buy electrical power from the mainland.  As I understand it, this wouldn’t normally be an issue.  Tassie normally produces more energy than we need, and the remainder is sold off to the mainland.  As this has been a very dry summer for Australia, Tassie has had reduced rainfall… which has affected our main source of water, Hydro power.

Photo from ABC news article on the drought in Tasmania

I have heard people mention that possible brownouts (like a blackout, yet it is due to a power shortage, not a broken power line) may occur, and some people I know claim they have already started, yet I have not heard of this mentioned in an official source.  I have also recently heard advertisements on the local radio stations of companies offering back up generators for the “Tassie power problem”.  This is a very large sign that it is a possibility.  People are worried and some businesses have taken steps to meet this

For my part, I am not overly concerned.  I can’t afford the solar panels I had at my previous house, so that is also not an option.  I have no way that I can influence or change the who situation.  Please don’t think that I am being flippant or disregarding this situation, my peace of mind on this matter is related to my preparations.  I do have a very reliable Honda 20i generator, as well as almost 100 litres of petrol.  Obviously this doesn’t make me immune to possible power outages, yet with it I can supplement my power needs (such as keeping a freezer cold).  I also have many things in my house running off alternative means, such as gas for cooking, a fireplace for warmth.

honda 20i

This is another benefit of prepping, while some people are scared, you can be confident that your preparations will make you more prepared to meet situations.

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