Process for selling a handgun in Tasmania

With a heavy heart I recently decided it was time to sell my guns… or at least my hand guns.  I owned two hand guns one was a Ruger, the other was a Baby Eagle (which was my favourite firearm in the world).  I hadn’t used them for well over a year and the firearm club, with which I am a member, had reported that I had not met my requirements.  Why did I fail to meet my requirements?  It was getting too expensive and it also took a lot of time from my weekends.  The guns were gathering dust (figuratively… as if I would let them get dirty), Firearms Tasmania were upset with me for not meeting my requirements and I needed the money… so I decided to get rid of them.

My old Baby Eagle… you can see the red section where it is missing the slide pin.

I started looking for information online in selling them and I didn’t really get any helpful information.  It turned out to be really hard to find information on how to sell the pistols.  Places like Reddit were full of advice on how to sell them if they were illegally acquired.  That was not useful and actually baffled me as to what people were thinking.  Eventually I talked to a friend who used to work in the gun business down here in Tassie.  She told me that I should talk to Firearms Tas and get the information straight from them.  A quick phone call later and I received some great information.  They told me how to do it via a broker, sell them myself to a shop, organise sale online, etc.  This information was exactly what I needed.  I thanked the girl (her name was Michelle) and I was ready to get the process started.  One very important aspect was that I learned you will need the blue form (Firearm Registration form) which proves that I have a permit for the gun.  This form, similar to car registration, has an area on the rear which allows me to transfer ownership.  Without this form, the whole process is very messy.  Fortunately, Firearms Tas offered to print out new copies for me.  They even offer to mail it to your home address (takes up to seven days to arrive), or you can go pick them up from the Police Headquarters in Hobart.

My old Ruger 22/45. Apparently the steel versions are in demand at the moment

I contacted a member of my gun club who is also the club firearm dealer.  He told me that the market is pretty flooded with pistols at the moment, as Tassie has passed new legislation which made storing the handguns more troublesome.  Due to that, many people were getting out of the pistol hobby.  When I mentioned my intentions to sell my guns he was very helpful in providing me with advice on how to go about it and even traveled to meet me and complete the purchase.

I didn’t make a great deal of money… yet selling the guns makes life easier for a while, both with placating Firearms Tas, and also giving me some extra cash.  I am very sad to sell the pistols, especially my Baby Eagle, yet I know that when I am better off financially I will buy myself another pistol… maybe that CZ Shadow I have been keen to buy…

The new CZ Shadow


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